Of course, no one goes on yoga for the clothes that are worn. You do yoga for many other reasons. However, it never hurts to purchase sustainable and ecological yoga clothing. This type of yoga clothing is in fact sustainable and produced in a fair way. And this should be every piece of clothing today. Are you curious about which sustainable and ecological yoga clothing you can buy? Then read on!

But first, what is sustainable clothing?

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important discussion. And it is becoming increasingly important, especially in the clothing industry. The main reason for this is that many people say that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries. And because everyone has to wear clothing, everyone can choose to buy sustainable clothing.

Because producers keep up with the increasing demand for new clothing with new clothing, many clothes are not worn sustainably. People don’t wear clothes as much as they used to and soon buy something new when they come across something nice. Prices are also quite low, making it very affordable to regularly buy new clothes. This is of course not exactly sustainable and good for the environment.

Fortunately, there are many brands today that focus on environmental friendliness and ecological products. There are also brands that focus on this in yoga. A good example of this is Urban Goddess. Here you buy your yoga leggings that are made environmentally and ecologically.

Urban Goddess

Creator and founder of Urban Goddess is Marlene Smits. Marlene Smits has studied journalism and fashion and is a yoga teacher and therefore excellent to set up such a brand. She takes the experiences she has as a yoga teacher into the design of the clothes. This way she ensures that your yoga leggings fit like a glove and that you can perform your exercises very comfortably. The clothing is not only comfortable, but is also honest and made with nature in mind. It also looks very nice and is very affordable. You can of course also wear Urban Goddess clothing outside of yoga.

But what is actually fair?

As we just indicated, Urban Goddess clothing is made fair. But what exactly do they mean by this? Fair production is one of the most important aspects that Urban Goddess takes into account. For example, they visit the factories where the clothing is made to see what the working conditions are. To be extra sure, the clothing has a quality mark that excludes poor working conditions and child labor.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental friendliness is also of paramount importance at Urban Goddess. For example, they think it is important that the clothes after wearing have a longer life than the waste bin. This way you can send your Urban Goddess clothing back to the company and they will ensure that it is recycled. When the clothing is still in good condition, it is sent to the Salvation Army. In both cases you get a 20% discount on any next order.